If you’re a furniture manufacturer and you don’t want to spend money on building the showroom or bring your furniture pieces to the photo studio, we can help you create pictures of interiors where your furniture will look perfect.

3d design and rendering allow to create different options of similar furniture models, change the textures and colors, adjust the lighting so you get the result you’re looking for any use – catalogs, websites, printing, marketing, etc. A huge benefit of 3d rendering is that you need to send your drawings of the furniture piece to the 3d visualizer along with its detailed pictures and texture samples and he’ll recreate it in 3d modeling software. Then you can tweak and adjust, use different lighting, textures, and materials, try different environments, and all of this not moving your furniture pieces anywhere. Learn more about the process of work on such a project here.

We are stoked with the place, really enjoying it! Copping plenty of compliments on the design and the layout.

John Doe, CEO

Outsourcing the design work can seem challenging due to the difficulties in explaining the requirements to the interior or furniture item modeling that you have. You can have doubts if the team or freelancer that you’re working with understands your taste, but no worries, we have an interesting article on [how to choose the interior designer or 3d visualizer and a bigger guide on this topic on our main page.

This particular interior was created for a Canadian furniture manufacturer Union Wood Co to showcase the round height-adjustable tables. The idea was to show that the tables can be used with different tabletop heights. The interior had to be simple and well-lit. We decided to make it loft-style and use the concrete background for the tables. We wanted the lighting to be natural with the light morning mood so we added some sunlight into the room. If you decide to outsource 3d design or 3d rendering project to showcase your furniture items, contact us and we’ll be glad to help you create the interiors that you’re looking for.